Partnering With Us

In order to partner more effectively with our clients, and serve their needs more closely, we expect our clients to review, approve or reject our candidates within 72 hours of receiving their full resumes, skill matrix, reference check and background check.

Our experienced and dedicated professional recruiters work in excess of 30 hours on each requirement: searching, screening and interviewing candidates, rejecting most of them and only submitting the very best. Those selected candidates receive multiple job offers from employers, so in the interest of our clients, they need to review them immediately.

Nothing hurts the morale of a dedicated Recruiter more than seeing their best candidates snatched away by the competition when a Client delays reviewing a star Candidate. Even worst, in that case our Client misses on the opportunity to hire a very valuable team member or consultant that will contribute to their business. We treasure our clients that promptly review and evaluate the candidates we submit to them.