Scenarios You May Have Encountered, And How To Avoid Them

A Lighter View of Some Serious Problems…

The Mystery Of The Disappearing Consultants:

It often happens that IT organizations hire a new consultant, and soon after some of his/her peers start to vanish, going to other clients. Why?

The Strange Phenomena Of The Revolving-Door Consultants:

Why is it that so many consultants last from 3 months to a year, and their agency keeps replacing them with ‘better’ candidates?

The Riddle Of The Mutating Consultant:

It just happens that many agencies keep professionals ‘on the bench’.  Why?

The Enigma Of The Unhappy Consultant

You pay competitive dollars, and your consultants appear dissatisfied.

Sorry, But We Can’t Hire You…

You sent your requirements to one or several staffing agencies that gave you a very nice presentation. They appear very professional and they work at rock-bottom prices.

Will She Do it?

On Seduction and the Art of Keeping Prima donnas out of your offices.

The White Paper On The Staffing Industry Finally Revealed!


Bringing the People that Keep you Safe