The Enigma of the Unhappy Consultant

The industry average gap between what you pay (Bill Rate) and what your consultant is paid (Pay Rate) is 60%. This means that when you pay $100 per hour, on average your consultants get only $40. Where is the other $60 per hour? Look no further than all the layers of executives, advertising, golf tournaments, ‘leather and marble’ in their offices, etc. etc. All that is paid by somebody… you! Although you get nothing for it, you are still being charged for all those inefficiencies by way of padding the pay rate, and arriving to an inflated bill rate (which you pay).

Vitaver's average markup is only 25%, to cover licenses, insurances, liabilities and a reasonable profit.  Most of your money goes to the person you really care: the Consultant that works day-in and day-out at your offices, delivering the systems you need. And they are so much happier!


Thanks to 19 years of continuously improving our recruiters’ skills and their tools; by keeping a nimble and highly adaptive organization, our recruiters will find, screen and provide you with skilled professionals at low cost and fast turnaround.  Include in your requirements’ distribution list and benefit from our dedication to your success.

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