The Mystery Of The Disappearing Consultants

It is a fact that finding capable consultants is a difficult task. Headhunters search for them using traditional and creative ways. One is to offer incentives (called ‘referral fees’) to everyone in their organizations who finds someone they can place with another client. This is called poaching.

Your Company became ‘poaching ground’ when you hired a new consultant and other team members in your office start to find ‘better jobs’ elsewhere, including your competition. What the new agency did in fact, is infiltrated your group and sourced from within, finding new jobs for your other consultants to earn placement fees. Next step? Your new Consultant’s Agency offers you to fill your newly empty desks (after hiring your people) with more of their own people. Double whammy!

Vitaver never offers referral fees to its consultants or placements, and never sources from our Clients.

Vitaver – Finding Talent that Will Not Poach your other Consultants or Employees