The Riddle Of The Mutating Consultant

It just happens that many agencies keep professionals ‘on the bench’. These are people they often brought at a big expense from far away countries and they need to place. Every day waiting for the next assignment costs the Agency to house, etc. the waiting consultant. These agencies have an urgency to place those people first of all, as they often can’t afford to keep them ‘on the bench’ for weeks or months.

For the most part, valuable and highly skilled consultants and employees (the ones you want to hire) are not sitting on benches… they are busy completing a previous project. Good professionals do not stand idle at any sofa, chair or bench.

On their efforts to quickly place people in holding pattern, some agencies will ‘customize’ resumes, to fit the job description.  In fact, you can occasionally find ‘resume factories’, with people (often working offshore) modifying most every aspect of a legitimate resume, to fit your opening. Over the last few years we encountered the same person, sometimes with the name altered by switching middle or last names with first names, etc., being submitted to completely dissimilar positions WITH THE SAME CLIENT.

Vitaver starts every search from scratch, exclusively from the Job Description or SOW. We do not keep a list of ‘preferred’ consultants or people on the bench. Our obligation is to the Client, whose need we have to meet. Vitaver will NEVER customize or even edit a resume for qualifications or even typographical or grammatical errors: it is imperative that our clients see exactly the true measure of the candidates, including their writing ability and thoroughness as demonstrated on their own resume.

Vitaver – Finding Talent that Will Not Mutate in Front of your Eyes