Will She Do it?

On Seduction and the Art of Keeping Prima Donnas out of your offices

By definition, a Prima Donna is “a vain or undisciplined person who finds it difficult to work under direction or as part of a team” (Merriam-Webster).


To identify and screen-out such candidate is an essential part of the job of any recruiter.

With All-too-often, blinded by the long list of credentials and references (often part of a 'package' or a 'promotion out-to-a-better company that will 'recognize her full potential') (and the placement bonus), a recruiter will ‘push’ a prima donna to an unsuspecting Client.


A recruiter needs to deal with a Candidate for just a few hours… and the Client is ‘stuck’ with the new employee or contractor for months, sometimes longer.

In our experience, they demand a lot of attention, they are high maintenance, and they never last…


Vitaver will never submit a prima donna to you, no matter how seductive the resume or the personality. We would never recommend you hire a person we would not enjoy to work with, ourselves.

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