The Real Cost of Hiring the Wrong Consultant

How much does it really cost you when you hire the wrong person?

• All your time and others that interviewed and onboarded the Consultant.
• Time to train the Consultant on your specific business and needs.
• Reverse knowledge transfer: when you teach the Consultant your existing systems and security.
• 2 weeks until the Consultant shows up for the first day of work, with your project on hold or delayed.
• Performance review of the Consultant, before deciding to let him/her go.
• Time for ‘second chance’ to run out.
• Admitting to all stakeholders that the hire was a mistake…
• Reposting the ads, waiting for submittals, read them all again, more interviews…
• The hours paid to the Consultant for work that will need to be redone.

For all these reasons, to stay within budget and deliverables, you hire a professional Staffing Agency that truly screens candidates, checks background and references and produces a good match to your requirements.

An agency like Vitaver will not waste your time.