We Offer Employees for Fulltime Positions

We take the time to discuss with you your specific needs: all aspects of the skills, experience, personality, energy level, leadership, smarts and communication skills required to make an ideal match that will result in a long-term engagement for the benefit of all parties involved.

Career path, Company’s culture and goals are fully explained to each Candidate, so we make sure we only introduce you with viable candidates to both sides. Further, our Candidates are familiar with most of the benefits you offer, salary range, other forms of compensation, your mission and vision, etc. BEFORE you spend your time reviewing his/her credentials.

Most of all, we respect your time. We will not send you resume ‘just in case’ or let you do most or a large part of the screening process. We fully vet our candidates ahead of time, so we save your time.

After all, you hired Vitaver to do a job and save you time. We are keenly aware of it at all times!

Send us your requirement at BestPeople@vitaver.com