We Offer Contractors on T&M Basis

To our Clients needing help with projects on time and material basis, Vitaver offers temporary personnel.

We don’t have a ‘bench’ with people we need to place in order to recover our investment on them. This practice, that supposedly helps the Clients by having people on stand-by, in reality forces the staffing agency to place the people they brought to the Country or otherwise have on staff and not working, into their Clients. This often results, in less than ideal matches with the real needs of the Client.

We put the interests of the Client first. Our only commitment is to the Client, we don’t need to place anyone ‘pre-selected’. We look for the right professional who is available now to work on the specific project of the Client. We don’t try to force a round peg on a square hole, we don’t dress up resumes, our consultants do not have ‘multiple personalities’ to fit the Client of the day.

Our work results on very good matches between the Client’s needs and the candidates we submit.

Send us your requirement at BestPeople@vitaver.com