Why Vitaver Staffing?

Our headhunters’ skills and techniques enable them to find and recruit not only active and passive candidates, but also the particular people you want to join your business, regardless of where they are working now, to fill your permanent and temporary staffing needs.

Our methods ensure that we attract the best-qualified professionals who possess the skills, experience, energy and attitude needed to contribute to your goals.

Our Advantage: It is not a secret that some recruiters build their candidates’ skills, credentials and fees by pushing them through clients for short stints, and providing them with on-the-job training, at your expense. We stay away from that practice, as we focus on developing a long-term partnership with you. As our Client, you are the most important person for us, and we do not search for ‘passive candidates’ (also known as poaching) inside your Organization. We do not offer referral fees to our candidates working at your facilities to recommend their peers to us.

Once hired, our candidates work for you, not for us. They do not become a tool to find workers inside your Organization. You will appreciate this distinctive characteristic of Vitaver, which works to your advantage and builds trust strengthening our partnership. Not a single client ever ‘dropped’ us from their vendor’s list.

Next Steps: Put us to the test: send us your next SOW, RFQ, RFP, requirement, etc., and consider our candidates side by side with your best vendors. Simply email us a copy to bestpeople@vitaver.com; we will submit qualified candidates within hours.

Our recruiters are always available to you.