Peer Recognition for 1st Place Award

Vitaver & Associates, Inc. (dba Vitaver – Finding Talent™ since 1993) won this award in its FIRST year of operation


December, 1994

To the employees of Vitaver and Associates:

As an associate of Ingram Micro, distributor sponsor for the “Great Network VAR challenge”, I’d like to take this moment to congratulate Vitaver and Associates on a first place finish and a networking job well done!

The VAR Challenge drew innovative, detailed client/server solutions from across the country. Vitaver and Associates’ solution, however, proved to be one of the most comprehensive. Vitaver distinguished its package from competitors by providing maximum growth, while solving the customers’ current problems. By providing solutions over the years, from accounting systems to production control, Vitaver has evolved into a technology specialist and is positioned well within the client/server marketplace. The company’s expertise certainly has shined through in this year’s “Great Network VAR Challenge”!

Your winning solution was seen by over 85,000 computer industry leaders in the September 15, 1994 issue of VARBusiness, a leading magazine for value-added resellers like yourself. Further, copies of your solution were mailed to a recent list of Fortune 1000 firms. A copy of the mailing is included for your viewing.

Congratulations, once again, and enjoy the rewards of your victory!


Lori Snow
Director Technical Products Division Marketing