Trip Approval Process

The Challenge

A trip approval is required after the customer's trip itinerary is entered into the Sabre system or after a change is made to an existing itinerary.

Vitaver was retained to create an automated system to approve trip itineraries.

The Problem

• There was no automated application that would store, retrieve, and update trip information in a database and approve trip itineraries;
• There was no comprehensive reporting tool for viewing the information stored in the database and taking action on unmatched items.

The Solution

Vitaver created an application that uses an SQL 7.0 database to house the data, and automated tasks to do the following:

• Retrieve any new trip request email;
• Extract, parse, and store the email data;
• Match the email data stored in the SQL database with the trip data that was entered in Sabre;
• Update the SQL database after searching Sabre.

Vitaver also created a web-based reporting tool to do the following:

• Display the information stored in the SQL database;
• Take action on any unmatched items.

The Vitaver Difference

Vitaver delivered the application on time and satisfied client expectations while providing a solution that accomplishes the following:

• Quickly approves trip itineraries without user intervention; thus, saving time and money and increasing efficiency;
• Displays information on all trip itineraries in the database with an easy-to-use web-based interface; thus, eliminating potential misuse.