Automated Travel & Entertainment Voucher System

The Challenge

Currently, all travel requests and expense vouchers are created on and move through the approval system on paper.

The Problem

• There is no automated way to access the proper forms (for travel or expense) to be filled out and move these forms “digitally” through the approval (or reporting) channel quickly and efficiently;
• There is no central database that will show management an audit trail of who-went-where-when, how much it cost and who approved it.

The Solution

Vitaver creates an Automated Travel & Entertainment Voucher System.

This application will allow employees to access a simple desktop application that will let them click on a few icons, enter the information pertinent to their travel plans and save and send this information digitally through the approval system.

It will also allow employees to enter “travel expense” information into their laptops throughout their journey so that when they return they simply click on an icon and this information is sent electronically to the proper persons for payment.

How it works:
• A number of digital “forms” will be created in Lotus Notes. When these forms are filled out and saved, an email will be sent with the form attached to the next person in the approval cycle;
• The person who approves the “travel” or “expense” form will not be able to edit that document, only approve it;
• In the event approval person needs to deny approval, the document will be automatically sent back to the person seeking approval for additional information;
• When the approval person accepts the document as being correct, he/she will click an icon, which will move the document to the next step, either approval from another supervisor or on to ticketing or accounting for payment;
• Each document will be placed in a database that will contain a number of “views” that can be printed or exported for further computation;
• These views can be customized to show information depending on each department’s needs.

Views might include:
• Travel by Department, Name of traveler, Band level, Destination, Date leaving, Date returning, Reason for travel.

• Air, Hotel, Meals, Rental Cars.

The Vitaver Difference

Vitaver ensured that any type of reporting can be designed implemented and changed as the reporting requirements change.

• All information can be printed or exported into Excel for further processing of the data;
• All data can be exported to most any type of archival database including SQL server to meet most company compliance requirements.