Interactive Learning - Track Self Evaluation Module

The Challenge

A Learning Track (LT) is a series of educational events conducted over an eighteen month period, aimed to improve the performance of incumbents in specific types of positions.

The Problem

• There is not an automated management tool to follow the accomplishments of individuals as they progress through their LT course of study. To gather management information, supervisors have to contact each person in their area and question them directly about their LT progress;
• There is no means of archiving each person’s LT records so that this information can follow the individual from assignment to assignment in his/her professional career;
• Quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports have not proven to be an effective management tool for the LT program;
• There is not an automated feedback information system that can be used by students to constructively critique the courses they have taken along their LT;
• There is not a means of reporting LT progress by Business Unit, Department, Band Level or Manager Group;
• There is no specific tool to notify individuals and their supervisors of their ‘current’ LT status and the availability of upcoming classes that will benefit their future progress.

The Solution

Vitaver Staffing generates a Learning Track Progress Report / Constructive LT Course Critique System.

The LT Progress Report System is a Lotus Notes® Database that can be integrated with the On-line Interactive Calendar and Registration System.

• Enable students to enter information into the database through their Lotus Notes® desktop program;
• Recognize individuals by their Lotus Notes® User ID and allow them to ‘add’ information into their own personal 'record' within the database;
• Allow 'Only the Individual' to 'add or edit' information to their 'record';
• Allow only the 'Individual' and the 'reporting managers' to 'read' the individuals record;
• Include fields for the title, course number, date completed, location and the facilitator of the course in the LT;
• Allow the student to enter constructive feedback into their LT record as to their opinion of the effectiveness of the course material, the way the course was conducted and how the course could be improved;
• Allow managers to see 'minute by minute' reports based on Individual, Business Unit and each of their groups' progress;
• Generate 'real time' reports, with the ‘reporting managers’ receiving an automatic e-mail when a student adds to or updates their 'record';
• Automate contacting students who maintain a 'record' in the database that need certain classes to stay 'on course' with their LT. For example, a manager generates a report that shows a certain number of students need a specific course that is being offered and will not be offered again for some time. With a click of a mouse, class information can be sent to that group with a link to the 'Class Registration Calendar'. A record of this correspondence will be maintained for reporting purposes;
• Allow managers to enter the database and see the progress of the group that they manage. Managers can e-mail this report, print it out on paper or export it into Lotus 1-2-3® or Microsoft Excel®;
• Allow additional fields and custom reports to be easily added as needed.

The Vitaver Difference

Vitaver recognized the effectiveness of Lotus Notes® software and its ability to:

• Send and receive information from any database platform including SQL;
• Communicate with any type of network platform, including Novell Netware® and Windows NT®;
• Move easily throughout any hardware topology including, Main Frame environments such as the IBM AS400. (Lotus® is a division of IBM®).