The Challenge

American Express must resolve disputes between foreign cardmembers and domestic service establishments. Their established procedure was a time consuming manual process that took 15 minutes per case. Vitaver was retained to create a web-based system to automate the manual functions.

The Problem

• There was no automated application that would significantly reduce the time required to resolve any disputes between foreign cardmembers and domestic service establishments;
• There was no comprehensive mechanism to download the information, unzip and convert the documents, create and work the cases, and compile the results for upload.

The Solution

Vitaver created an application that uses a standard format to send information back and forth, an SQL 7.0 database to house the information, and automated tasks to do the following:

• Download case information;
• Unzip and convert documents;
• Create and work the cases;
• Compile the results payment.

The Vitaver Difference

Vitaver provided a solution that accomplishes the following:

• Reduces the time to create a case from 15 minutes to 7 seconds;
• Completes case resolution in less time;
• Provides cost savings per year of $11 million;
• Enables measurement of analyst speed and efficiency.