Intelligent Credit Environment

The Challenge

American Express must often implement balance recovery strategies (campaigns). They were unable to properly test campaign effectiveness because the scripts used were inflexible and difficult to modify. Vitaver was retained to create a flexible web-based system for creating and managing campaigns and reporting results.

The Problem

• There was no user-friendly application for surveying the effectiveness of campaigns;
• There was no comprehensive mechanism for designing, implementing, and managing campaigns by the campaign manager;
• There was no online help system for analysts;
• There was no extensive reporting function.

The Solution

ICE-T was developed as an easy-to-use intranet, web-based application, which uses an SQL 7.0 database to house all data tables. Campaign managers can create, manage, and access campaigns. The reporting function allows for standardized or customized reports that are available to campaign managers; thus, providing them with valuable feedback. Analysts can also obtain online, campaign-specific help while answering survey questions to determine the card member's opinion of the campaign.

ICE-T comprises the following functionality in a web-based format:

• Campaign management;
• View a list of campaigns;
• Create a new campaign;
• Record general comments about a campaign;
• Create exclusion rules based on business objectives;
• View a report;
• Define test groups according to the program definition;
• Card member disposition;
• Create transition statements for the Analyst;
• Create survey questions for the card member.

The Vitaver Difference

Vitaver provided an adaptable infrastructure for credit strategy development and testing. ICE-T provides the necessary flexibility to use customer and analyst feedback to refine and implement strategies, and avoid substantial development costs. As a result of the surveys and reports generated by the system, the company can gauge the effectiveness and suitability of various campaigns.