Code of Conduct with our Clients, Contractors and Employees

Our service is to provide for the needs of our Clients.

At Vitaver we start with the requirements we receive from our Clients, we search for a very good match, we vet their ability to satisfy the needs of the client, and we place them for temporary or fulltime positions.

At every stage we practice full disclosure and transparency, we don’t have hidden agendas.

We are not obligated to a particular group of consultants that sit on the ‘bench’ and we need to force upon our clients to bill hours. We start each search from scratch, only with the needs of the Client in mind.

We work on average 12 hours on an individual Candidate, before submitting to a Client. We work many additional hours evaluating and interviewing candidates the Client will never see, because we are very considerate of their time: the Client hires us so they don’t need to recruit; they have the expectation that we will perform a professional job in screening the right candidates, and we honor that expectation. After all, that is how we earn our pay.

We do not ‘poach’ or hire from within our clients.  We do not ‘rotate’ our consultants among our clients to build their resumes and rates. Since 1993, we have not lost a single Client and we have excellent references (available in the ‘references’ page of this site)

What we expect from the Client is that they review our submittals upon reception and certainly within the week. The best candidates find jobs in any market conditions, and the ones we submit are among the best. They don’t wait long before taking on a job. 

As for our contractors and employees, we only team them up with excellent clients, as we investigate them first. We are fanatics in complying with our obligations in terms of amount and opportunity of payments, processing their submittals and addressing immediately any issues that may surface.