Finding Talent

Easy pickings, 'the low-hanging fruit' are not your first choice of candidates. The best are busy at work, not waiting at home for a call. This is why Vitaver Staffing builds and maintains an ever growing network that alerts us of top performers and project completions. Fresh resumes in the usual databases are the easiest fills, but often not the best to help you.

Successful Completion Bonus

The Client is happy when the Consultant is happy all the way till the end of the project.

The best IT talent gets job offers constantly at increasing rates: everybody wants them! When you lose them, your investment in them leaves as well.

An early departure forces you to (again) spend time evaluating new candidates, interviewing, onboarding and bringing them up to speed before they become productive. This hurts your timelines and budget.

That is why we invented the Successful Completion Bonus (SCB). Happy consultants stay till the job is done!

The SCB is an incentive program Vitaver designed to improve retention of personnel assigned to our clients, in response to increased competition in a market with demand exceeding supply.

Our solution: the SCB, an optional program for our new hires that allows them to invest a dollar from each hour they work, and Vitaver matches it with a dollar of our own. The two dollars per hour is deposited in a savings account in their names. The full amount is released once the engagement is complete at the Client’s satisfaction.

When consultants / employees see their monthly bank statements grow into the thousands, they see the cost of jumping ship, and they stay with you till the job is done as promised.

The challenging market conditions call for creative solutions that are both fair and highly motivating. While the SCB is optional for the Consultant, most of them sign up for it, demonstrating their commitment to you.

This creates a very good and fair incentive, for the benefit of our clients that see a dramatic improvement in consultant retention, while rewarding the consultants. To our knowledge, we invented this program and to this day nobody else is offering it.

This is one more layer of protection we provide our clients, with no cost to you, and a competitive advantage of Vitaver Staffing.

This program Vitaver put in place to increase our Client’s productivity, satisfaction and reduce their cost of downtime and re-training new hires. This is not a replacement to anything else we do for our consultants or clients. We provide the same or better level of service to both of them. This is an investment in our relationships.